Police Officer Suffered a Broken Jaw After Intervening in a Fight in Bristol City Centre


A police officer severely injured his jaw after he stopped a fight in Bristol City Centre after celebrating his 21st birthday. Misbah Malik punched Neil Tyldesley when he intervened in their struggle with a fellow convict.

When Mr. Tyldesley confronted the two prisoners, Malik punched the stopping officer instead of complying. Doctors said that the broken jaw suffered by the officer could have severe implications throughout his life.

Malik was supposedly due to be released on the 28th of December after he was sentenced for a case of supplying Class A drugs. He served for two years for this case.

The 22-year-old Malik pleaded guilty to the charge of inflicting serious bodily harm against another individual at the same time as his drug supply incident last April. The proceeding judge Mark Horton sentenced him for one year, which will start after he completed his sentence on December 28.

The judge told Malik that he has to sentence the convict because of a grave offense of attacking an innocent individual last 4 am. His partner and other members of the public were also present during his trial.

While trying to stop the fight with open arms, Malik knocked out Mr. Tyldesley with just one punch to the side of the head, rendering him unconscious.

The police officer suffered permanent displacement of some of his teeth and may experience lasting pain. He also has to undergo corrective surgery to his broken jaw.

Mr. Malik was given a leave to talk to the judge and said that he was sorry to what he did to the victim and that no person should go through all that pain and suffering.

Mrs. Tabitha Macfarlane added that her client was an articulate, bright, and kind young man, and he was extremely remorseful to what he had done to Mr. Tyldesley.


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