Police Issue Warning over Rising Cases of Anti-social Behaviours in Newquay

Police Issue Warning over Rising Cases of Anti-social Behaviours in Newquay

Police have issued warnings over the rising cases of anti-social behaviours in Newquay. According to the police, cases of street drinking and nuisance begging in the town have increased over the last few months.

The police said that they alerted the anti-social behaviour team in Cornwall Council over the issue.  The team has previously been instrumental in taming anti-social behaviours in the summer months.

The police have issued several warning letters to the residents in the last few days. They have gone a step further to issue acceptable behaviour contracts. The people will be required to sign the contracts as a commitment that they will maintain acceptable behaviours.

PCSO Pessl from Newquay police announced that the police officers had been instructed to scale up foot patrols in the local neighbourhoods. He added that this will help maintain law and order on the streets as people will restrain from anti-social behaviours when officers are around.

Most people are busy with their families while others are enjoying the beaches until the evening hours. Therefore, some people are taking advantage of this to beg for money and drink recklessly on the streets.

PCSO Pessl further added that the police are working with private landlords and housing associations to address the nuisance behaviours. He noted that drug-related behaviours can affect the local community and the neighbours. Therefore, the issue has to be addressed through a collective collaboration of all people.

The police are working within the law by exercising the powers granted by the anti-social behaviour legislation. However, they are relying on the public to inform them what is happening at all times.

PCSO Pessl reminded the public to be responsible by reporting anti-social behaviours through the Devon and Cornwall Police website. Additionally, they can call the police hotline number to report any case.

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