‘Poldark’s beach’ Holywell Bay near Newquay reveals its secrets

‘Poldark’s beach’ Holywell Bay near Newquay reveals its secrets
Robin Baker/Geograph

The dramatic beauty of Cornwall has been continuously showcased in Poldark, the hit show from BBC One. The show is currently televising its final series.

The period drama that has been on the UK TV screens since 2015 has made the iconic Gull Rocks of Holywell Bay and the entire beach itself a star by having it appear in multiple scenes of the show.

Below is a compilation of fun facts about the show’s famous beach that visitors and tourists to the area can see for themselves when they visit.

Gull Rocks

The islets situated in Holywell Bay have been given two names, Gull Rocks and Carter’s Rocks. ‘Carter’s Rocks’ is assumed to originate from the popular Cornish smuggling brothers Charles, John, and Harry Carter. John Carter was well known as ‘The King of Prussia’.

The Holy Well

Found in the Trevornick grounds, this natural spring has been thought to have water with healing powers. Many people over the years would travel from far off places to sample its water.

The Sea Cave

The peculiar natural formation of stalactites and stalagmites creating a well is a sight to behold for visitors. However, the cave can only be found at low tides and one must be very careful when looking for the well.

Beach Bond

Other than Poldark, many production companies have filmed movies with the beautiful scenery of the beach. Such films include 007 walking on the sand in Bond films.


During low tides, a sunken ship can be spotted protruding out of the swell. The SS. Francia was an old Argentinian ship carrying coal when it was wrecked due to stormy conditions. The shipwreck adds drama to the atmosphere of the place.

Visitors who are fans of the show have multiple options for accommodation when they want to visit the filming locations.

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