Phil Bialy Tours the Upcoming Modernized Bus Station and Leisure Centre in the City

Phil Bialy Tours the Upcoming Modernized Bus Station and Leisure Centre in the City

Phil Bialyk, a Council Leader has been on a tour to oversee the upcoming ultramodern leisure complex in the city. The facility which consists of a modernized bus station and leisure center is the UK’s best energy-efficient project financed by the City Council.

The project will be operational by the Spring of 2021. During the tour, which was led by the senior project manager, the group was able to see pool boxes at the end of the Heavitree site. It is expected that by October the main pool box will have been completed. By the same time, the learner pool and splash pool will also have been completed by then.

Cllr Bialyk, who was contented with the progress at the site said that the facilities will be beneficial to everyone in the city. He eagerly awaits the opening of the facilities. The Operations Director, Doug Lloyd, who was also in the touring team was equally impressed with the progress at the site terming it as one of the city’s most prestigious developments.

The fashionable leisure complex will consist of:

  • A soft play area for children
  • A spa facility and a health suite
  • Two body fitness studios and one fitness gym
  • A 50-capacity cafe
  • A spectator auditorium of 100 seats
  • A water pool
  • A learner’s pool and main swimming pool all with mobile floors

In addition, the facility’s pool water quality is expected to be the best in the country. To ensure no or least chemical content in the water, there will be a modernized filtration system to give the users a great experience at the pool. The development is geared to see the city’s energy savings of up to 70%. It is also geared to withstand climate changes for over 80 years. To accomplish this, the labor force has been equipped with enough and comprehensive training and upskilling programs.

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