People in Bristol Takes Up Surge Testing Offer

People in Bristol Takes Up Surge Testing Offer


Bristol residents cooperated in surge testing that was highly encouraged as it opened on February 7, 2021. People who do not carry the symptoms of Covid-19 are still asked to have themselves volunteer for testing as this will help the health officials and scientists to gather more information about the new Covid-19 variant found in the area. This will result in an effective reduction of affecting people with the infection.

These surge tests are made for routine sampling, to prepare us for any possible cases in the future that may appear due to the new Kent variant found on a few cases in Bristol. Those who are 17 years of age and above are allowed and encouraged to get tested as long as they do not have Covid-19 symptoms. According to the Bristol City Council, it is also a requirement to be a resident or a worker in one of the 24 postcode areas to qualify for this.

Here is a list of these postcodes:

  • BS1 3
  • BS2 0
  • BS2 8
  • BS2 9
  • BS3 5
  • BS4 4
  • BS5 6
  • BS5 7
  • BS6 5
  • BS8 2
  • BS9 4
  • BS5 0
  • BS6 6
  • BS14 9
  • BS16 1
  • BS16 2
  • BS16 3
  • BS16 5
  • BS16 6
  • BS16 7
  • BS16 9
  • BS37 8
  • BS8 3*
  • BS14 0*

These postcodes are all within the Bristol City Council Boundary.

Although the people in these areas are asked to volunteer for the surge test, this does not necessarily mean that the new mutation is found here. They can proceed to the testing sites available 7 days a week. These are the Imperial Retail Park, Bristol City Council Testing Centre, and Bristol and Bath Science Park. No booking is needed to get tested here, as long as they do not possess the symptoms of coronavirus. With regards to the test results, the council has mentioned that these will be given by email or text message.

Home testing kits will be available soon. The information regarding where these can be picked up will also be announced in the coming days.


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