Passengers during the morning rush hour are left frustrated due to bus service delays


The return of students and severe traffic complications are things the Thornbury to Bristol City bus service seems to be overwhelmed with in the morning rush hour period. Their bus services are plagued with delays during this time. The T1 bus service plies the Thornbury to Bristol City route via the M32 and Bradley Stoke.

From Monday to Saturday, it’s usually a half-hourly service while it’s hourly during Sundays.

Recently, however, passengers catching the bus on Almondsbury Interchange have been complaining about long delays. Some services, apparently, are even being cancelled without notice. M5 Almondsbury Interchange, Bradley Stoke Way, and the Aztec West Roundabout have some traffic issues, and this is what seems to be causing all the problems.

These bus service delays are leading to a lot of passengers finding themselves having to wait long periods at the bus stops. This eventually led to buses getting full right at the start of the journey which will, in turn, mean that they have to whizz past other bus stops.

Passengers are now complaining about the bus services via Twitter. One Claire Cooper posted on Twitter wondering whether the buses take standing passengers anymore because she witnessed a bus sail past a stop despite the fact it had standing room.

Head of operations Chris Hanson apologised to the customers that had been inconvenienced by the delays and thanked them all for practising patience while they tried to get their buses through. He said that they would be adding extra supervisors and buses in and around the key areas around Bristol in order to increase passenger capacity during rush hours.

He further stated that they’ll continue to tweak their services as they go in order to maximise their available buses at any given time.

Hopefully, everything will be resolved in the near future as people in Bristol continue to use buses.


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