Over 900 non-Covid patients treated by Exeter’s Nightingale Hospital

Over 900 non-Covid patients treated by Exeter’s Nightingale Hospital
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It has been seven weeks after Exeter’s £23m Nightingale began its operations, and it has already catered to 900 non-COVID 19 patients. Built as an emergency medical facility for the Corona Virus pandemic, the Nightingale hospital has yet to see its first coronavirus inflicted patient.

This medical facility along with others in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, London, Sunderland, and Harrogate have been treating patients who require diagnostic testing for cancer.

Normal Operations

Situated in Moor Lane, Sowtown, the 116-bed hospital has been accommodating patients nonstop from eight in the morning to ten in the evening. So far, the hospital which is run by Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital has performed 421 ultrasound scans, 241 cardiology scans, and 246 CT scans.

A spokesperson from Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital expressed that the surge of numbers about said operations were a result of backlog from the past months. Furthermore, these patients are from across Devon and other neighbouring cities that have been already on the waiting list. The spokesperson also stated that there are already plans to facilitate nurses and doctors for further training next month.

As the Nightingale Hospital is a result of an emergency set up response when news broke out of the continuous and high numbers of positive cases of the Corona Virus in March the UK Government made sure that there will be enough bed space for possible cases for each city.

Equipped with the necessary equipment and with more than 140 medical staff on standby, the Nightingale Hospital is more than ready to revert to its original purpose should there be any need. The RD and E spokesperson that the hospital will continue its services for diagnostic testing and scans for cancer and other related illnesses unless the time comes that there will be a significant spike of COVID 19 positive cases in the area.


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