Over 300 People in Truro March to Participate in ‘Kill the Bill’ Protest

Over 300 People in Truro March to Participate in ‘Kill the Bill’ Protest
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More than 300 people marched through Truro to air their opposition to the Crime and Sentencing Bill. The protestors gathered on Lemon Quay at 2 pm on Saturday holding placards and signs of ’kill the bill.’ The crowd had chants of ‘kill the bill’ and ‘This is democracy.’ Some of the protestors’ slogans were; ‘Our freedom is in danger ‘and ‘protest is our right and power.’
The protestors marched alongside four police officers with one of the officers filming the crowd. Cornwall has been protesting the bill for the third week now with hundreds of protestors voicing their opposition in Falmouth and Truro. Newquay has also been protesting against the ongoing work on the land at the hotel where there are plans of hosting the G7 summit in June.
According to a spokesperson for the protest in Truro, the bill will bring about new laws banning noisy protests and protestors could face a jail term of ten years. The spokesperson adds that the bill also criminalizes trespassing in Gypsy, Roma, and the traveler community. According to the spokesperson, the bill is racist and they are ready to fight.
People in the country say that some commentaries have been comparing Cornwall’s peaceful protest to that in Bristol citing that they reject such comparisons.
Organizers told the protestors that the protest was legal having carried a risk assessment that complied with Covid-19 rules. The protestors were reminded to wear their masks and to observe social distancing rules.
Resist G7 members addressed the protestors and said that during the summit in June, ‘big protests’ might take place. A demonstrator told the protestors that the G7 had their interests in organizing the Summit to discuss the matter of saving the world. The demonstrator added that G7 members would rip Cornwall off since the poor will be catering for their expensive dinners.

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