NPAS Helicopter Reportedly Hovering for About 20 Minutes on the Search of a Missing Person

NPAS Helicopter Reportedly Hovering for About 20 Minutes on the Search of a Missing Person
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Steve Adams, 49 years old from Liskeard, was reportedly missing. Posters of a missing person and pictures of Adams have been spread after the incident.

Adams was reported missing the last afternoon of October 25, 2019. The 49-year-old man is described to be a white man with a medium build, around 5 ft. & 8 inches tall, and has tattoos on his arms. When Adams went missing, he was wearing a black leather jacket, blue jeans, and black rectangular glasses.

His family filed a missing person report after not knowing his location since their last contact with him.

After the filing of the report, the National Police Air Service or known as NPAS participated in the search. One of NPAS’ helicopters hovered above the Cornish market town to search for Adam.

The unusual happening that afternoon brought some queries from the residents. They share that it is not a common thing for them to see an NPAS helicopter hovering above. Ella, one of the local residents, stated that the helicopter has been circling for about 20 minutes on air.

With regards to this, the NPAS explained that their service has been also used in search of a missing person. They confirmed that their helicopters have been a great help for such incidents as well.

The Devon and Cornwall Police assured that it was only for search purposes. The local residents should not worry or think that it was because of an alarming problem.

The local residents expressed their relief after finding out that police helicopters have also been used in such a situation.

After the search for Adams, the police confirmed that he has been found safe. The police have not yet released the exact happenings that occurred about Adams’ whereabouts. The family and loved ones of Adams expressed their gratitude after the successful search.

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