North Quay Residents Say Floating Restaurant is Causing Significant Damage

North Quay Residents Say Floating Restaurant is Causing Significant Damage

Residents of North Quay, Falmouth, have said that the floating restaurant, moored in Quay, is causing great damage.

The floating restaurant, which passed through 177 locks and travelled 726 km (450 miles) from Burgundy to Cornwall, sits on the water and gives its customers a better view of the town.

However, residents of King Charles Quay have written a complaint to the Cornwall Council saying that the restaurant breached the planning regulation. The people said that the floating restaurant caused great damage to the historic Quay.

According to Emma Tuckley, a resident of Quay, the restaurant’s huge tyres are bashing and rubbing against Quay’s walls. The tyres were initially placed to prevent the floating restaurant from directly banging against the wall.

She went on to say that the La Peniche weighs above 180 tonnes but has still been moved by swells and strong winds during winter. Consequently, this has caused the barge to be pulled away from the Quay wall, resulting in significant damage.

The Harbour Commissioner had submitted a planning application to place small boat berths pontoons, like those in Custom House, in North Quay. This planning application was part of a major application that comprises extensions that go to a pump-out facility and the main Haven pontoons. Nonetheless, the planning application to place the small boat berths pontoons was eliminated even before the pump-out facility was approved by the council.

According to Ms. Tuckey, a breach of planning concern was raised to the Council’s planning office by the residents in August. She said that the office concurred that there was a breach of planning. However, they said that it was up to the legal team to decide whether or not to enforce it.

However, she said that it was now seven months since they raised the breach concern and nothing has been done yet.

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