No New Case of Coronavirus Recorded in Bridgwater

No New Case of Coronavirus Recorded in Bridgwater
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There was no new case of coronavirus recorded in Bridgwater and the entire Somerset County on Sunday, May 25. This is according to the latest information released by Public Health England. The figures accounted for the 24-hour period, ending on Sunday 5:00 pm.

However, since it was on the weekend, the figures may not be very accurate. This is because confirmed cases usually are lower on weekends across the country due to poor reporting during weekends.

Currently, there are 672 confirmed cases in Somerset County. Out of these cases, 247 are from Taunton and Somerset West, 185 from Sedgemoor, 63 from Mendip, and 177 from South Somerset.

In other regions in the UK, there has been a significant decrease in the number of new cases and fatalities. This indicates that the infection curve has already stabilized. The curve is gradually projecting to a fall, pointing to a win in the fight against the deadly virus.

In the United Kingdom, there are 265, 000 confirmed coronavirus cases with over 37,000 deaths. This global pandemic has claimed over 348, 000 lives across the world.

The decline in new infections and deaths across the country is attributed to the government strategies adopted in the last three months. The government imposed a nationwide lockdown to restrict the movement of people. Additionally, people were advised to observe social distancing rules to avoid contact with other people while in public places.

These strategies have paid off as some regions have been recording low or no daily deaths as well as new cases.

The Prime Minister announced that the government intends to reopen the economy gradually. Borris Johnson outlined the government’s plan to reopen the economy from next month. Several businesses will open on June 1 while others will open on June 15 under stringent conditions.


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