NHS Honoured by Huge Plane at Newquay Airport


A large aircraft was seen flying around Cornwall and at Newquay airport with the words “Thank You NHS” on both sides. The words were meant to honour and appreciate NHS and all health workers for their dedication to fight against coronavirus.

The European Aviation’s aircraft was spotted at the airport yesterday (May 12). Throughout the day, the plane was seen flying to Wales and back to Cornwall multiple times.

The plane has previously been used to transport PPEs across Cornwall and other parts of the UK. Last month, the aircraft delivered about 10 million pieces of surgical gloves from Malaysia to the UK.

The gloves were later distributed to all NHS staff and other healthcare workers who are a risk of contracting COVID-19 disease. Therefore, the plane has been useful throughout the current coronavirus crisis.

However, the owners of the passenger plane decided to appreciate NHS for their efforts in a unique way. They wrote the appreciation words on the plane before it flew into the sky. Then they recorded a video and shared it with the public.

People around the airport were also able to record videos of the rare scene in Cornwall airspace. A video recorded by a Cornish resident, Anton Varga, showed the plane take off from Newquay airport headed to Wales.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, people have been expressing their gratitude to the health workers. In particular, Cornish residents have shown their appreciation to all healthcare workers in the city by sending appreciation messages through social media platforms.

There is another appreciation event planned at the end of the week. Members of the public will participate in clapping for the healthcare workers. Henceforth, the event will be held every week. The nation will come together to applaud all the people who are risking their lives to save others.


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