Newquay’s School Announces Two-Week Closure Following Coronavirus Positive Cases

Newquay’s School Announces Two-Week Closure Following Coronavirus Positive Cases

Tretherras Secondary School in Newquay has decided to close its’ operations for two weeks following two confirmed positive cases for Coronavirus. The school has taken this measure to allow intensive disinfection of the establishment.

According to the school officials, it will be closed from the 16th of October until the 2nd of November 2020. The school officials also added that they need to prepare the school for the winter season.

Due to the proximity and exposure of the two confirmed positive cases in Year 10 and Year 11, the affected individuals were advised to self-isolate for fourteen days in compliance with the government’s implementation of strict COVID-19 health protocol. But the school will be open to other students until half of the term.

A letter was sent out to the parents by Headteacher, Samantha Fairbairn stated, “We will try our best to alleviate the associated challenges and constraints brought by COVID-19 pandemic. The school was advised by Public Health of England today that there were confirmed positive cases of the coronavirus within the premises of the school”.

The letter was sent to inform the parents of the current health situation in the school and to provide essential advice on how to support their children.

The school officials are working together with the said health organization and are closely monitoring the urgent health situation. To support the physical well-being and mental health of everyone, the school has opted to join other Cornwall Education Learning Trust (CELT) schools in implementing the two-week interruption this season of autumn.

Health and safety being the main priorities of the school, it has allowed the interruption to thoroughly disinfect the school premises.

However, the decision was denounced by a parent urging that half of the school term will be prolonged.  Ms. Lia Braithwaite, who commented to BBC Radio news, said that she was enraged by the school’s questionable decision because the confirmed positive case was detected last month, September.

She insisted that the disinfection measures should have been done immediately when the case was detected and not a couple of weeks after.

The school administration supported by Cornwall Education Learning Trust (CELT) confirmed their final decision to enforce the extension of the hiatus in October for the compulsory health and safety reasons.

The obligatory and meticulous decontamination period of the school will allow all the employees and students who are presently in self-isolation to clear up the mandatory period of isolation.

This is in preparation for the resumption of classes on the 2nd of November, 2020.  These hygienic measures will also ensure that the students will not be sent home again.


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