Newquay Zoo Set to Reopen Next Week

Newquay Zoo Set to Reopen Next Week

Newquay Zoo announced that it would reopen next week after weeks of temporary closure due to coronavirus pandemic. The zoo will open its door again on Monday, June 19.

A statement released by the zoo’s spokesperson indicated that only the annual pass holders would be allowed to visit in for the first two days after reopening. The members of the public will be granted access to the facility from Wednesday, July 1.

The spokesperson issued the statement through the zoo’s official Facebook page. He expressed optimism that the zoo will attract a large number of visitors in July and August because the government has lifted the national lockdown.

The spokesperson reminded the pass holders to pre-book their tickets using the online booking system. While booking, they should indicate the date and the arrival time for logistic purposes. The statement further noted that the pass holders and the members of the public could pre-book their tickets and time slots for the next three weeks after reopening.

However, the spokesperson reminded all the visitors to read the safety information provided through the same link. He requested the visitors to cooperate with the management and bear with the current situation caused by the pandemic.

The government directed all the public entities to ensure that their clients follow the social distancing rules to curb the spread of coronavirus. Therefore, the zoo’s management has laid out a comprehensive safety plan to ensure all the visitors observe the social distancing rule.

Additionally, the visitors will be required to clean their hands using the hand sanitizers before entry into the zoo. The visitors will also be monitored while they are in the zoo to ensure their safety.

Newquay residents were excited by the news as they had missed a chance to see the animals for more than a month.

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