Newquay is the Hardest Hit Town by Devastating Impact of Coronavirus

Ian S/Geograph

Newquay town is facing the hardest economic impact of coronavirus pandemic. The town has been on lockdown for three months since the government announced the countrywide lockdown.

The effects of the lockdown are now evident as hundreds of people have lost their jobs. Approximately half of the workers in the hospitality and tourist sectors in Newquay have lost their jobs. These high numbers of job losses haven’t been witnessed in any other town in the UK.

Beresford Hotel in Newquay closed down in May due to the effects of coronavirus pandemic. The closure affected 50 staff members who lost their jobs.

The former manager at Beresford, Jackie Cunliffe, reflected on her 30 years stay at the hotel. She recalled how she used to manage the hotel as if she owned it. Jackie regretted that the owner, Shearings holidays, was forced to shut down the hotel when the parent company, SLG, went into administration.

A former receptionist at the hotel, Caroline Tansley, also lost her job. Ms. Tansley will also lose her house because she can no longer afford to pay for her accommodation. She will, therefore, be forced to move out of the house she had lived for the 20 years she worked at Beresford.

Another hotel in Newquay, Marina Hotel, has also been closed down. All the workers in the hotel have also lost their jobs as a result of the closure.

The coronavirus pandemic caused a health crisis in the country, especially in the southwest region. The crisis had badly affected the economy, with many local businesses making losses and others closing down.

However, the economic impact of the crisis has hit Newquay town more than other regions. Travel firms and agencies have also closed down which has caused hundreds of people to lose their jobs.


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