Newquay BID Remains Positive Amidst Coronavirus Crisis

Ian S/Geograph

Newquay Business Improvement District (BID) announced that it remains positive during this time of global coronavirus crisis. BID is one of the local organizations that have been helping local businesses.

BID top management resolved that the organization will remain agile and flexible to deliver on its mandate by providing support to the local businesses.

With many businesses having been affected by unprecedented circumstances, the staff at BID have been updating their website with important information and advice. The information is meant to educate local business owners and their staff on how to carry out their operations during this time.

BID has liaised with other BIDs in Cornwall, Newquay Council, Visit Cornwall, and Cornwall Council to ensure that the same information is available to all people in Cornwall. The organization’s main argument is that a collective voice is effective in supporting local businesses in the prevailing noisy landscape.

The managing director at BID, Carla Jones, said that they have witnessed optimism, positivity, and creativity in Newquay over the last few days. He added that despite the challenging circumstances, businesses in the city are resilient as the community spirit is giving hope to the local businesspeople.

Mr Jones noted that it is not easy to operate a business under such challenging circumstances. However, he attributed the resilience of the local traders to the inspiration they get from BID and the community. He added that they feel proud of the local business owners, retail and hospitality sectors as well as the support from the community.

Mr Jones indicated that the organization is impressed by the spirit and action demonstrated by the people in the town in the face of the crisis that has affected every sector of the economy.

Mr Jones singled out the case of Morris Pasties’ owner, Sam Hunter. Mr Hunter has been delivering pasties to people in isolation without charging for delivery.


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