Newquay Airport Shut Down Again As Flights Are Suspended

Newquay Airport Shut Down Again As Flights Are Suspended

Newquay airport in Cornwall has been shut down again until mid-February of 2021. The move came after reports indicated that there would be a third national lockdown in England.

Coincidentally, the airport is set to resume operations the same day that the planned national lockdown is set to be lifted.

The airport remained shut for over four months last year as the nation was fighting the pandemic. During the first and second lockdown, all commercial flights through the airport were suspended.

However, after the second lockdown, the airport reopened for flights within the United Kingdom. The airlines operating domestic flights were required to observe covid-19 safety regulations strictly to minimize virus transmission.

According to a statement released by the management on Monday, January 4, 2021, all commercial flights through the airport have been temporarily suspended due to covid-19 related issues.

However, the management informed the passengers that the expected restart dates for flights would be soon posted on their website. Passengers were requested to confirm their flight dates early enough to avoid inconveniences.

The main carrier through the airport, British Airways, is expected to launch its flights from Newquay airport to London Heathrow airport on February 12. Additionally, Eastern Airways flights from Newquay to Manchester and Leeds-Bradford will resume on the same date.

Aer Lingus airways will recommence its flights from Newquay airport to Dublin on March 14. Similarly, Loganair flights to Edinburgh and Manchester will be launched on March 28. Subsequent flights to Aberdeen and Newcastle, and Glasgow will restart on March 29 and 30, respectively.

The airport will be ready for overseas flights beginning March 28 when Ryanair airways will launch its first flight to Alicante. Subsequent overseas flights will resume fully by mid-April.

The management remained optimistic and hopes that the airport operations will resume fully by the end of the first quarter of the year.

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