New Owston’s civet is born at Newquay Zoo

New Owston’s civet is born at Newquay Zoo

A new beautiful attraction has been born at Newquay Zoo. Lam, a rare kind of young civet, was born in May to Bao and Nam. 


Lam is the second Owston’s palm civet born after so many years. Aside from being obscure to many, Ostown’s palm civets are also one of the endangered species in the wild.


These civets are natives to Vietnam, Laos, and southern China. Despite their limited range, hunters still hunt them down for their bushmeat and the pet trade. Needless to say, these are enough reasons for Wild Planet Trust, the owner of Newquay zoos and Paignton, to make efforts in conserving these civets.


Dave Rich, one of the zookeepers at Newquay Zoo, said that Newquay Zoo was the founding zoo to hold Owston’s civets in captivity and that the zoo is one of the only four zoos in Europe which holds these civets.


“Newquay Zoo currently has the most civets of these zoos. We have five”, according to Rich.


With its black stripes and spots and a black tipped tail, Lam’s weight was around 120g and now at three months, has nearly become 800g. Civets in general reach the weight of 2.5-3.5 kilograms when they become adults. 


Newly-born civets keep their eyes shut for 10 to 15 days. The youngsters tend to be dependent on their mothers as these feed them with their own milk. 


Lam is Nam’s second offspring. However, Lam is the very first offspring that Nam reared herself as the elder needed to be hand reared. This is in fact a big step for a female civet and thus a great news as well. 


When Lam grows older, his choice of diet will change. He will start to prefer earthworms, crickets, locusts, fish, and some vegetables. He will also be paired with a female civet at the Newquay Zoo to hopefully boost the number of Ostown’s civets in captivity. 

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