National Lottery from Sport England funds Bridgwater’s edition of “Beat the Street” game.

National Lottery from Sport England funds Bridgwater’s edition of “Beat the Street” game.
Albert Bridge/Geograph

The game which has turned the famous streets of Eastbourne, Sinfin, Clay Cross, and many more is finally coming to Bridgwater.

What is Beat the Street?

Beat the Street is a giant game where you will be able to earn points and win prizes just by walking, cycling, or roaming around your area. Its primary objective is to have people of any age get outside and consider this an active sport that would help their physical and mental health psyched up.

They hold numerous games, team plays, and prizes while also initiating events and a ranking system where you’ll be able to compete with other teams. Each team has a minimum of 12 players, the further you travel or your teammate does, the more points they score.

How to play this game?

Well, for starters, the adults can pick up a card while the children are given a fob by their school or guardian. After doing so, you can register online on their website while also downloading the map of the whole Bridgwater. In the map, you would see signs where Beat Boxes can be found, simply tap your card or fob on it and you can then earn points.

This game was created by Dr. William Bird MBE, the founder of Intelligent Health. According to him, this game has been originally designed to encourage more communities to incorporate lasting changes in their daily lives while improving their physical and mental health. He also added how it improves community cohesion and allows more families into exploring the town’s green spaces.

While we do know that some of us have lingering anxieties brought about by the pandemic, Dr. Bird believes that now, more than ever is it important to adopt a healthy lifestyle habit. The game will be available starting from October 7, 2020, up until November 4, 2020.

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