Musicians Pay Tribute to Bristol Music Champion, Naoki Iijima


Musicians joined hands to raise money to honour the man who promoted music from Bristol to as far as Japan.

Naoki Iijima succumbed to cancer on 11 February at the age of 48. Until his death, he owned a music recording shop in Tokyo. The shop was home to the largest music archive of Bristol music outside of the United Kingdom.

Artists paid tribute to Mr. Naoki, terming him as a great music legend who always championed for the city’s music and heritage. They added that he had a great passion for Bristol music.

The artists announced that all the funds raised from all the tribute tracks to be released will be channelled to Mr. Naoki’s family.

Mr. Naoki was the founder and owner of Zero Disk Shop which had been collecting music records from Bristol from the 1980s. The shop was founded in Tokyo in 1993.

His shop became a favourite spot for record hunters who are enthusiastic about the rare music from Bristol. He had formed strong friendships with bands and musicians such as Rider Shafique, Massive Attack, and Kahn.

In their tribute, the artists described him as a man who knew a lot about Bristol than most people in Bristol.

Joe McGann, popularly known by his stage name as Khan, said that the music community had suffered a great loss. He added that Mr. Naoki once travelled to London to attend a Young Echo concert.

The founder of Bristol Save Nightlife, Annie McGann, also paid her tribute to Mr. Naoki. In her tribute, she challenged Bristol people to realise their cultural heritage and embrace it with the same passion and dedication that Mr. Naoki had.

Gloucester MC, Shafique Rider, eulogized Mr. Naoki as a man who was very important to the music scene in Bristol.

Musicians from Japan and Bristol are set to release a music compilation later in the year in his honour.


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