Murder suspect terrified after learning about the death of Aaron Pill

Murder suspect terrified after learning about the death of Aaron Pill
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Liam Bastow, a murder suspect in Aaron Pill’s death case, looked frightened after he learned about the death. While addressing a jury in Truro Court, the suspect said that the plan was not to kill but rob Mr Pill his cannabis.

Bastow told the court that he never knew that his co-accused, Kane Coggin had a knife, which he used to stab the deceased. The two have been apprehended and arraigned in court for murdering Mr Pill, a drug dealer, on May 4 at his home in Falmouth.

The heinous act occurred as a result of the £400 debt that Bastow had accrued for drugs. According to Bastow, Mr Pill had asked him to honour the obligation and even went ahead to issue threats. Therefore, he teamed up with his co-accused to rob Mr Pill.

The camera fitted at home showed how they engaged with Mr Pill with blows and kicks. Coggin, who was holding a knife, stabbed and left him to die. Mr Pill’s brother later found him dead.

During the court proceedings, Coggin admitted to knowing Bastow because he dated his sister. However, he claimed that he participated in the robbery but only stabbed Mr Pill accidentally.

In his defence, Bastow said that he did not intend to kill the deceased and even said that he never knew his co-accused carried a knife on this mission. He also said that he believed that Coggin did not plan to harm or kill Mr Pill.

Bastow continued defending himself by indicating that he has grown up in difficulties to the extent of developing PTSD. When Mr Pill supplied him with cannabis, they had a good relationship until the debt issue arose. Bastow had started cleaning microgreen trays for Mr Pill but could no longer manage because of the coronavirus.

The trial will continue after the two accused admitted manslaughter charges but refuted murder charges.

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