Mum Describes Terrifying Event As Her Son was Left on Cornwall After A Hit-and-Run Incident

Accident Crime Hit And Run Traffic Bike Cut Off

An incident which happened in an unmentioned B road near Silverwell Farm on the evening of January 27th resulted in minor injuries of a young boy.

Edward, who was working at The Miners Arms pub in Mithian, was hit by a car and was left on the side of the road.

He was on his way home that weekend night when he was hit hard on the rear by an unidentified vehicle while cycling.

The young boy was unsure if he might have blacked out upon hitting the road or while mid-air when he was struck by the car.

Edward still managed to stand up and went to Silverwell Farm to ask for help, but unfortunately, no one answered. Luckily, Sarah, who was also Edward’s co-employee, was able to see him waving at her while on the road.

Afterwards, the couple who lived in Silverwelll Farm went on to check and made sure everyone was fine. Sarah generously took Edward home while Andy, who was also from The Miners, went to pick up Edward’s bike.

Some pieces of the vehicle that was left on the scene suggested that it was from a 2004 model silver Renault.

Edward was taken to RCH Treliske for medical assessment. Fortunately, medical staff only diagnosed minor injuries and that there was no sign of fractures or severe injuries.

Jeanette Kirstie, Edward’s mother, was extremely horrified with the incident. The fact that the ones who hit Edward didn’t even bother to stop and check if her son was alright was almost unforgivable. She also added that she won’t allow Edward to cycle to work anymore.

Both the police and Jeanette are appealing for anyone who witnessed the incident to contact the police at [email protected] and refer to log number 846.


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