Mother of April 2019 A417 motorcycle crash spoke about her confusion regarding her son’s tragic death.

Mother of April 2019 A417 motorcycle crash spoke about her confusion regarding her son’s tragic death.
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Initial findings on the investigation on the accident reveal that Charlton was under the influence of alcohol, which his mother, Terri Carter, find it a baffling fact to accept.

Yesterday’s inquest heard that Charlton, from Grasmere Road, Up Hatherly at Cheltenham, rode a 600cc Honda motorcycle when he passed by A417 on Crickley Hill, where he crashed on a road sign in the area. The accident happened before 1 AM on the 21st of April last year. He was 29 years old when the tragedy happened.

Carter, with the rest of the family members and some of Charlton’s friends, attended the inquest.

Investigations on his death revealed 179 milligrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. It is more than twice the legal limit for any motorists. He was also found to have received the license to drive a powerful motorbike two months before the road crash happened.

Charlton lived with his mother and worked as a utility surveyor before his death. His mother attested that his son is a responsible person. She said that he has a breathalyser and knows the traffic rules on drink-drive.

“He wouldn’t even have half a shandy. That is why it was a shock. It just wasn’t him”, Carter said on the hearing.

Ian Dreelan, the assistant coroner, relayed on the inquest that Charlton has lacked experience in driving a powerful motorcycle. Luckily, the incident did not involve other vehicles.

Seargent Simon Edwards, the collision investigator, said that Charlton mounted the kerb on a road bend. Dreelan also said that Charlton lacked awareness on what was happening and had a delayed reaction that promoted the occurrence of the road crash.

Carter agreed on this notion of her son’s death because of his inexperience in handling powerful motorcycles. She said that her son has no experience in handling it.

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