Most Public Facilities in Truro to Remain Open during the Second Lockdown

Most Public Facilities in Truro to Remain Open during the Second Lockdown

Play parks, allotments, cemeteries, and a majority of public toilets in Truro will not be closed during the second lockdown. This is a contrast to what happened during the first lockdown when all public facilities were shut down.

The lockdown will be in effect until December 2, and most of the services provided by the city council will be accessible to the city residents throughout this period.

Victoria Gardens park, Boscawen park, and Redannick park will remain open during the lockdown. However, the tennis courts within the parks will be closed to the public.

Initially, the council had indicated that Skate Park would remain open, but the decision was reversed after the government issued new lockdown directives with more strict guidelines.

The café in Boscawen park will remain open, but it will only operate on a take-away service. Additionally, the allotments managed by the council will also remain open.

Although the cemeteries will not be closed, no burials will be allowed in public cemeteries without the council or government officials’ approval.

All the public toilets will be reviewed every week to ensure that the operators comply with covid-19 safety regulations. However, the toilets located at the Moorfield car park area will be closed.

The residents and students will be required to borrow books and reading materials from the Truro library through the online portal provided. They will then be required to go and pick the borrowed books on the indicated dates and time.

The library will offer limited computer services, including printing and photocopying. These services will be available on weekdays from 10 am to 4 pm.

The government imposed the second lockdown after a trend of increasing coronavirus cases from the previous months. The country is experiencing the second wave of coronavirus, which has sparked fears in different quarters within the government and local authorities.

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