Money to Support Towns in Cornwall to Reopen After the Pandemic

Money to Support Towns in Cornwall to Reopen After the Pandemic
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In Cornwall, centre towns and cities get five million pounds for their councils to help the high streets get back safely to usual business. Simon, who is the high streets minister, publicly announced about the Reopening High Streets Safely Fund to prepare retail stores that sell non-essentials for reopening.

According to the government, the funds will help administrations in Southwest England to introduce safety measures to the people and get them to do their businesses as usual. Also, the money will help establish safety signs such as markings on the street and barriers in certain areas. These safety signs are not only for the towns, cities, and high streets but also for other public areas, including promenades and beaches.

Moreover, the council can use the funds to start marketing campaigns. These campaigns will serve to inform and explain to the people that the high streets, as well as other areas for enterprise, are safe. The government’s goal is to reopen other retail stores on June 1, but that decision still depends on scientific directions, and more detail concerning this matter will follow.

The new money is an addition to the existing funds. Also, it includes the Town and Future High Street Funds. Simon Clarke stated that as things get back to normal, reopening the high streets will kickstart the recovery of the economy. Furthermore, he mentioned that the government’s main mission is to develop the regions and support the high streets. According to Clarke, several business entities have started introducing safe ways to trade such as contactless purchasing.

The European Regional Development Fund will provide the funding to the councils to assist businesses in reopening safely. The money, which is 50 million pounds in total, will be given to the councils across England and will be for spending starting on June 1.

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