Menace frightened to assault the proprietor of Pool Market fairground jailed


A magistrate has told a sequential troublemaker that his period in crime has ended after he showed off a bottle in a fairground row.

On April 9, 28 years old Ross Vicars brandished the bottle, issuing threats to set on fire the convoy of a fairground proprietor. Vicars has no permanent home but is usually seen within Camborne area.

Vicars looked nervous at Truro Crown Court when being sentenced following his confession with regard to violating a criminal behavior order and uttering intimidating words.

Prosecutor of the case Ian Graham said that the scene occurred in April at Pool Market, the place where a fairground had been erected for a few days. Graham added that an employee at fairground summoned his manager at 10:30 am after he was attacked.

When the manager reached the scene, he met two men, including the accused, who were belligerent and yelling.

Graham continued to narrate how the culprit confronted the manager by swinging a glass bottle over his head. A lot of shouting and cursing ensued where the perpetrator said that he would set the caravan on fire. Later, a commotion occurred and police were summoned.

Conversing with the police, the owner said that his partner was asleep at home. Graham added that it was apparent the suspect was intoxicated at that moment.

The court was informed about how the accused had committed other crimes including perpetual violations of criminal behavior orders.

Curt Lewis, Vicar’s lawyer, said that his client admits having a problem with alcoholism and that if released, he would relocate from Cornwall where he gets the adverse influence that leads him to commit a crime.

In the ruling, Carr said that Vicar was drunk at an exhibition after hours. He added that upon confrontation, the culprit was vicious, ferocious, and threatened a male with a bottle, swearing to set his home ablaze.

In the verdict, Judge Simon Carr cited a recurrent violation of orders which he said a 23-month imprisonment would end his criminality.


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