Members of the Parliament Pleads for the Use of a Cornish Tick Box for the 2021 Census

Members of the Parliament Pleads for the Use of a Cornish Tick Box for the 2021 Census
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Two MPs representing Cornwall failed to persuade the government minister to provide a Cornish tick box for the 2021 census. Steve Double and Cherilyn Mackrory were part of the debate happening inside the House of Commons. Steve represents St. Austell and Newquay, while Cherilyn Mackrory represents Truro and Falmouth. The speeches they made during the debate were in favour of the use of a tick box.  

Unfortunately, their pleas were not enough to convince Chloe Smith. According to the minister, people who are Cornish can still identify themselves as one with the use of a write-in box. Mrs. Mackrory, who is not a Cornish herself, still sees the importance of a tick box.

In her speech, she emphasized that the government considered the Cornish people as a national minority six years ago. According to the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, the Cornish people were in a similar state with Celtic identities such as the Irish, Scottish, and Welsh. 

For that reason, Mackrory says that the government should back up the situation with the use of a tick box for the next census. She explained that a tick box would help the government identify more Cornish people in the same way it helped the Welsh. With the use of a tick box, the number of individuals who considered themselves as Welsh increased from 14% in 2001 to 67% in 2011.   

Hywel Williams supported this cause along with his party because he believes that it will help give an accurate result for the Cornish nationality. However, Chloe Smith insists on saying that the involvement of the Cornish in a national survey. Though she understood the speeches made by the other MPs, she will still promote the write-in box in the UK as well as Cornwall. 

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