Marc Spellmann to Perform in Dorset

Marc Spellmann to Perform in Dorset

Popular magician Marc Spellman is set to perform in Dorset next week. The former contestant of the talent show Britain’s Got Talent is set to showcase his magical tricks and abilities as he will headline the Wessex Magical Convention and Gala Show. The annual convention and gala show will be held this year at the Hub at Verwood on April 7, 2019. The full-day activity will feature several professional and amateur magicians from all over the country trying to learn new tricks, tips, and secrets from top magicians including Spellmann.

One of the oldest magic clubs in the country, the Wessex Magical Association has already 60 members who have been learning and mastering their tricks with the help of the association. All regular members have been conducting a monthly meeting at the Grasshopper pub which is located in Poole.

The Wessex Magical Association president Nick Beaverstock in a statement said that the convention provides a great opportunity to all magicians whether amateur or professional to unite and come together to learn additional knowledge about the art of magic. He later added that the evening show which is the main attraction of the one-day event will also give the local magician the chance to witness and see top-notch magicians who are regularly touring and performing from all over the world.

As for Spellmann, the whole of Dorset will have a chance to be entertained by the semi-finalist of Britain’s Got Talent in last year’s edition. The magician wowed the show’s judges including the popular Simon Cowell with his tricks during the audition stage. It was so good that four judges namely Simon, David, Amanda, and Alesha all gave him standing ovations for his performance. The performance also wowed the show’s hosts Ant and Dec giving him the golden buzzer which sends the now popular magician directly to the semi-finals.

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