Man Talks About His Public Shame After Crashing His Car Into Five Houses

W. Robert Howell/Wikimedia

The 30-year-old man who crashed his car into five houses in Cheltenham after being intoxicated is now considering whether he would ever come back to driving again. This is after the magistrate suggested that it would be better for him to reconsider coming back to driving again.

The structural harm that the car caused in the front windows of the building where a student lives had to be surveyed because the car was blocking the house. Collier was seen going out of the scene by some of the residents. He was caught by police with the help of a dog.

Samuel Collier was arrested, and the prosecution would not encourage him to pay because it was already covered by insurance. The arrested man was with his partner out on a pub when he decided to go out to get them food. He also said that he did not realise that he was over the limit during the breath test that was conducted after he was caught by the police.

He told the police that he came across a slightly opened drain along the Gloucester Road that he tried to avoid but was late to do so. What happened afterward was that the car spun around and went straight to the facade of the structures where it eventually hit a bay window and its wall.

Collier was diagnosed with a serious injury to the head after the incident, and he barely remembered what happened during that night except that he was heavily shocked and panicking. During the court trial, he experienced a feeling of shame whenever he goes out.

During the discussion, he also stated that he would not be able to live his life if ever there was somebody hurt during the incident. The two magistrates understand that he was deeply embarrassed with what had happened and told him that he should think things through about driving a car in the future.


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