Man permitted to keep pet amidst conviction on animal cruelty case


Daniel Brockley, a 30-year-old gamekeeper, has been permitted by the court to keep his pet Patterdale Terrier, Rock, while facing conviction on charges of animal cruelty.

The Tauton’s Magistrate Court had reviewed Brockley’s background and have found him to be a reputable pet owner. However, this case can possibly make him lose his home and job. While the counts of cruelty were all about his pet dog, Rock, the magistrate had called in expert veterinarians to examine the dog’s physical condition.

They have found the terrier to be in good shape, other than the jaw injury, which the veterinarians believe to be caused by a badger while working underground with Brockley.

It was also noted that Brockley had formerly shared some photos of Rock and the jaw injury of the dog. However, the case went with the custody of the dog, Brockley had been convicted under the Animal Welfare Act of 2006 on other cases of animal cruelty that were committed by him.

He was cleared on the cases of using his pet dog in animal wrestling and causing probable unnecessary suffering to Rock. All these counts happened on January 18, 2017, May 19, 2017, and May 12, 2018.

It was the RSPCA who had shared to court the pictures of the jaw injury in which the skin on the lower jaw area had been removed due to de-gloving. Rock has been known to be used as a dog digger, and pictures of him shared by Brockley had shown the dog to work a lot underground. However, after the injury, he had not made Rock dig holes again for fear that badgers might cause another unwanted harm to the dog.

However, the magistrates have duly noted the negligence of Brockley in exercising proper care and protection to the terrier before setting him to such game. Nonetheless, they have honored his reputation of being a good owner to Rock.

He has been sentenced to a penalty of £2,335 in total for damages and 140 hours of community services.


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