Male Daycare Worker From Torquay, Charged of Sexual Assault cathrinayyy

Male Daycare Worker From Torquay, Charged of Sexual Assault cathrinayyy
Child Nursery School Mother

A male daycare worker in the United Kingdom had been laid charges against sexual assault.

Victims of the said worker were identified to be as young as 2 years old.

Authorities said that the suspect was from Torquay, United Kindom, however, his name cannot be published as stated in the British law.

In line with this assault, more than a hundred families were notified by the cops, as having a possibility that their children have been victimized.

The reported crime happened in a school named Jack and Jill Childcare Nursery School, where he had means of entry to more than a hundred young nursery children.

Investigators denied the event of child pornography, as there have been no shreds of evidence to rule out such. Findings revealed that the man could have done the assault alone as reported by the police.

The parents of one child victim, who filed a complaint with the police, appear to be the reason why the case has been prompted. Due to this complaint, authorities come up with an estimate of about 250 hours of watching over the footage from the facility inside.

 James Stock, a police chief inspector said that the result of the review have helped them identify a certain number of children aged two years old and above who they believed to be potentially victims of the suspect. 

The suspect is under rigorous security state until a proceeding in the court takes place toward the end of this month. 

The neighbors have also been distressed by the happenings inside the nursery school.

“It’s just really shocking, it’s worrying and upsetting that that could happen,” a nearby resident claimed.

Meanwhile, a notice has been posted in the facility’s door saying that it is closed, and the license has been suspended for the meantime while the investigation is going through.

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