Majority in Bristol is in favor of sex theme businesses as long as they’re in their right places


These adult-rated locations in Bristol should not be near schools, parks, or even in deprived areas as the majority is in favor of having these businesses operate in the county, according to the recent public consultation in the governing rules on sex establishments. 

A draft policy was drawn up by a cross-party working group and had incorporated the results of the survey questionnaire given to locals last spring. The consultations are set beginning March 1 up to May 31 and had maintained the current provisions but have added expansions on the policy. The expansions made on these rules now cover sex toy shops, X-rated erotic cinemas, and other sexual entertainment venues that were operated in the area. Such businesses operating in the city centers in Old Market and West Street were given licenses to operate such type of businesses. However, sex-inclined businesses in Bishopton, Redland, Cotham, and Ashley were continually voided of licenses. 

The survey results released had indicated an almost split poll on the continued operation of such businesses but have indicated certain locations where these types of businesses are allowed or prohibited to operate. Participants were strong in their opinions about not having this type of business near schools, residential areas, and other moral, cultural, and formation areas. Transportation stops, motor and foot traffic areas were given the OK remark as a place where strip clubs, sex bars, and other types of sex-inclined establishments can be operated. 

The count of participants who answered the survey questionnaire on this policy is 1,430 people– 45% of it were in favor of having the expansion of the policy but with certain conditions. The public consultation of this policy has been scheduled to continue as the licensing committee members were called upon to give their approval to the draft policy and public consultations. The schedule of the next session is set on February 8, Thursday. 


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