Major Development Projects Set To Shape the Future of Truro City

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Cornwall’s capital will look different upon completion of the critical ongoing developments. Major developments are happening all over the city, and Truro will be significantly transformed upon completion of the projects.

Being the only city in Cornwall, Truro has been prioritized in development compared to other towns that have minimal developments.

There is a new stadium being built in the capital, and it is near completion.

Pydar Street development plan was allocated over £170 million to build a large site on the street.  The allocation by Cornwall Council is so far the highest development allocation for a single infrastructural project.

The council announced the high allocation to develop the site was due to its administrative significance.  The area is currently the home to former district officers and the famous car park, Viaduct. The site is littered with major buildings such as the Truro Bowl.

The new development plan will provide leisure facilities, homes, and workspace. Falmouth University will also get a new campus under the plan.

The proposed development plan has over 300 homes – with at least half them affordable.  The proposal will also provide over 300 student rooms.

The plan includes Falmouth University’s digital cluster that will be named The Hive. The Hive will consolidate research, learning, business, entertainment, community facilities and innovation in a single friendly and unique environment.

The council released a report on the plan last year which indicated that it would regenerate the debilitated area. It will also create a new and vibrant neighbourhood and a destination for the city. The scheme will pioneer improved ways of working, playing and living and transform the capital into a modern and creative city.

The other major project is Truro Loops which seeks to provide new links and connections to other regions in the city by constructing bridges across the river. The plan will also offer two footbridges that will link several loops with cycling trails or walking on the two sides of River Truro.


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