“Loud Banging” at night disturbed the Bridgwater residents

“Loud Banging” at night disturbed the Bridgwater residents
Geof Sheppard / Wikimedia Commons

The residents of Bridgwater experienced a week of sleepless nights due to the loud disturbing noises coming from the railway maintenance carried out by the Network Rail. Despite the reassurance of keeping the noise to be at the minimum as possible, the Network Rail was still filed with many complaints when loud noises keep on coming out at night.

The Network Rail already released a statement to the residents about the stabilization of the Bridgwater railway ridge at Somerset Bridge. This will start from 11 pm to 6 am, from Monday until Friday, November 18 to November 22. The stabilization is done by installing multiple piles on the ground.

On the statement, it is included that the piling works will cause some noises and the Network Rail apologized for the inconvenience. The residents, however, did not expect that the number of noises will keep them awake all night.

The people occupying the vicinity stated that the noises are simply horrifying where a series of “loud banging” or “booms” can be heard.

A resident from North Petherton stated that the noise is too much that he could not sleep at all. Jemma Louise Morgan described the noises as “awful.” Though the works should be done, it was still loud that it disturbed her and her three kids for a week.

The level of noise is incomprehensible that Jemma thought it is ridiculous.

A councilor from the Somerset County Council, Councilor Leigh Redman, said that they had not been alerted by the railway maintenance after an investigation about the loud noises. He concluded that the Network Rail indeed had sent out a notice to the residents around the area but they had not foreseen the degree of noise they will be making.

Councilor Leigh Redman added that it’s upsetting neither council was notified of the works by Network Rail and asked that they are to be written to strongly.

The Network Rail has been sent with a message to know their comments about this matter.


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