Look! Super Blood Wolf Moon Shows Its Beauty In The City Of Gloucestershire


Total lunar eclipse, also known as super blood wolf moon, occurred on the sky today. It is a natural phenomenon that happens only once in a lifetime. In fact, the next total lunar eclipse will happen in the year 2021. Aside from that, not all people in the world can have the chance to witness this extraordinary special event.

Fortunately, the said phenomenon was seen early in the morning in the county of Gloucestershire. It lasted for about four hours in the sky. It appeared at about 2:30 in the morning and was gone in the sky at 5:15 in the morning. However, thick clouds and fog in Gloucestershire obstructed this wonderful view. Because of this, those who waited for long hours just to see this phenomenon had a hard time finding it in the sky.

However, it is the opposite for Louise Davis and Paul Kinsella. These two are just one of the few lucky people living in Gloucestershire who got the chance to see and take a photo of the super blood wolf moon.

As what Louise Davis said, she witnessed this extraordinary phenomenon from her location in Cotswolds. She also decided to capture a photo of the red-coloured moon because she thought that it was a weird and interesting thing. She captured it with just the use of her pocket camera.

On the other hand, Paul Kinsella was really the luckiest person among them. He said that he took a photo of the super blood wolf moon at exactly 4:40 in the morning from his place in the town of Cheltenham. Little did he know, it is said that thick clouds covered the moon at 4:45, which is just a few minutes later after he took a photo.

This natural phenomenon occurs when the moon and sun place the Earth in the middle. With this, the moon will be covered by the Earth’s shadow, causing the moon to become colour red.