London Broncos Rugby League Undergoes Pre-Season Military Training and Discipline


London Broncos Rugby league undergoes pre-season military training and discipline in Wiltshire in preparation for the upcoming new season of the Super League next month.

Together with the Royal Engineers, the top players went for a team building activity at Swinton Barracks, Perham Down with the objective of experiencing army life and discipline.

The Super League players went through some military exercise that will challenge their mental and physical strength. The soldiers from 22 Engineer Regiment (22RE) were responsible for coming up with a military exercise routine for the players.

The 28 professional athletes are to undergo through a 3-day pre-season training program at Wiltshire’s Salisbury Plain Training Area.

Staff Sergeant and 22RE Rugby League Officer Mike Thompson included military physical training methods in the exercise such as teamwork techniques, command tasks, weapon handling, survivability, and basic field craft.

The physical challenges that were prepared to the players are something that they are not used to doing. It’s different from what they normally do in their training.

With the beginning of the league nearly approaching, the league Head Coach Danny Ward wants his team to undergo a rigorous training camp. Having a good relationship with the Army, he asked help from them to train the Super League players. The coach wants the army to train them in a way that will pull them away from their comfort zone.

In his opinion, the athletes can gain a number of useful skills from the army that can help build up their strengths as players. He mentions that sleep deprivation is the toughest thing that the athletes faced in the training. He wanted to see who will be the ones to handle it best.

Broncos Prop Forward Eddie Battye shared how he got tired from the military training and from the rough night’s sleep that the team had gone through. Despite the fatigue, he shares that it was a great experience to look back to especially in the middle of a tough game.

Another Broncos player, Robert Butler also shared that the training gave him a different perspective of how to do things. He also commends soldier and shows his respect for them now that he know how tough their training was.

Wrapping his statement, Head Coach Danny shares that the team had a great time with the Regiment.