Living with psychosis – Bristol Man Tells His Story

Living with psychosis – Bristol Man Tells His Story

A 28-year-old with three children, Daniel Parsons from Mangotsfield has experienced psychosis.

Psychosis is a severe mental condition where there has been some loss of contact with reality. When one gets ill in this manner, it is called a psychotic episode. During an episode, a person may get disturbed and have difficulty distinguishing reality and fantasy. Symptoms of this condition include delusions where one has false beliefs and hallucinations where one sees or hears things that others do not.

Daniel’s story began when he started to hear discomforting and unhealthy voices in his head telling him to harm himself. This happened not long before the birth of his son. It started to drive him insane, overthinking everything to try and protect his loved ones was getting hard.

It was a great struggle, and it completely changed his life. He had gone from someone who loved going out and socializing, to someone who is very private and barely leaves the confines of his home. He soon became aggressive and started to confront people and try to fight to protect himself. This was very unusual and out of character for him.

After an incident with another person on the road, getting taken by the police to a mental hospital twice. He had thoughts of killing himself because things were so bad. He finally spoke to his family about the problem and he then started seeing his doctor who referred him to a mental health team.

He lost his job because he couldn’t work, too scared of men in specific to even go to shops, and he wasn’t allowed to drive anymore.

He later found recovery through football by joining a mental health football group. At first, it was scary, but he soon realized that no one was trying to harm him and football, a game he never really did before, was an exceptional distraction from the voices. He releases his frustration and anger through the game.

“My message to everyone that may be struggling the same way as me, is to talk and ask for help because you can’t do it alone.”

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