Liskeard And Other Areas Face Wild Storms And Flooding

Wadebridge Community Fire Station/@Wadebridge CFRS

Liskeard has been facing very bad weather, including wild and wet storms that have led to the flooding of buildings and the necessary evacuation of people.

It has not been the only place to face flooding in the last few days.
Firefighters from the Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service were summoned to the scene to rescue people as several homes in Cornwell, Truro, Padstow and Wadebridge were also flooded after Saturday’s torrential storm.

The firefighters were able to make contact with the tenants and make decisions regarding the places with sufficient defenses against the flood and the places were the assistance of the future service was needed.

In Truro, a kitchen was flooded in a home located in Park View. Firefighters isolated electronic appliances, ensured the home was secure and gave the occupants of the home valuable advice on how to remain safe before they left.

In Padstow, a report surfaced about the flooding of properties. A pumping engine as well as a 4×4 vehicle was taken to the area. A portable pump was used for the removal of water in one building, while the rest of the buildings were left to drain naturally.

The weekend proved to be a very busy one for emergency services across Liskeard and the places that were affected, especially as the winds increased in speed to greater than 100mph, and the storm became heavier.

There have been more warnings about more incidents of flooding to come. Following the incident of a driver of a van trapped in flooded waters in the St. Merryn area, people have been advised not to drive through the flooded areas.

Police officers as well as highway teams are collaborating to help with the removal of trees that fell due to the windy weather, and are now the cause of road blockage.


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