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The Torquay Museum in Southwest, England is one of the oldest museums in Devon, with an internationally and remarkable huge variety of ancient, historic collections of essential objects in its’ care for 175 years. The National Lottery Heritage Fund approved to sponsor its’ celebration.

Amidst the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, the Museum is re-launching its’ big project to commemorate its 175th anniversary in its one hundred seventy-sixth year.

The museum organizers have planned an exciting anniversary exhibition project for next year’s summer, with invaluable support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. It will be a wonderful opportunity to display some of the great variety of collections held at the memorial gallery. One hundred seventy-five objects will be showcased. The project was originally launched last year but it was postponed by the pandemic.

The general public is invited to select the desired objects that they would like to be showcased in the anniversary exhibition.

Project curator, Clare Howe stated that social distancing precautionary pandemic measures made it more difficult for them to welcome the general public into the museum due to limited open spaces available.

To overcome the current situation, the organizers suggested allowing the public to view the exhibition virtually. The brilliant plan will entitle more people to participate in the exhibition.

She also added that the museum staff is excited to give other people aside from the locals the opportunity to uncover the amazing historic stories that can be shared and explore the antiquated and unusual objects that they don’t get the chance to view because these are stashed in the storage stores.

Ms Howe is using the Zoom app to provide groups of people an insight into what unusual items are kept in the storage areas. They are also inviting the public to use the Museum’s online database, email, and phone numbers to assist them in choosing a specific object that they would like to be showcased.

The exhibition project for 2021 is just one of the series of special events and activities, check out their social media, and website for more details about their celebration. If you want to join the museum project or inquire more, kindly send them an email or call them at their number.

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