Leg stuck in lawnmower, man airlifted to hospital


It was a sunny Thursday afternoon on July 18, 2019 when a man from the neighbourhood of Lindridge Hill, Kinsteignton, Newton Abbot sustained serious physical injuries in the lower extremities after he accidentally stuck his leg in a roaring lawnmower.

The man trapped his leg by accident on the cutting blade of a ride-on grass cutting equipment. Emergency medical services were immediately called to respond to the scene after the incident occurred. Two fire trucks, one land ambulance, and one air ambulance hastily came after the quick call to rescue the injured victim.

With the injuries described as grave and serious, the crew members from the land ambulance had made futile attempts to release the man from the lawnmower’s blade to no avail. With his leg still strongly stuck in the grass cutting equipment’s blade, the crew members from the Fire Service Department even tried using cutting paraphernalia and various small tools to help release the man’s already injured leg.

Once the leg was finally released from the cutting blade, the man was transferred to the nearest emergency hospital via airlift in the responding air ambulance nearby. The air ambulance was such a specially designed aircraft, usually a durable helicopter, that was being used in the area to transport the sick, bedridden, or injured people to the nearest emergency hospitals, clinics, or medical stations.

The man will likely suffer an amputated leg because of the accident, according to the local medical members who responded to the accident. Accidents like these usually happen in the Newton Abbot area, so authorities are now looking into the possibility of conducting an awareness drive in the neighbourhood regarding the proper and careful use of ride-on grass cutting equipment and other machines with cutting blades.

Investigation has been ongoing regarding the cause of the man’s accident.


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