Langarth Garden: Cornwall’s Biggest Development For The Next 20 Years

David Dixon

Langarth garden is deemed to be the most massive development for the next 20 years in Cornwall. There could be up to thousands of houses that are set to be built in Truro.

The council of Cornwall is now in the works of making a masterplan for the whole development. In previous years, there have been various proposals that have acquired permission such as the Cornwall Stadium and construction of homes.

The Langarth Garden Village seeks to make a development that will introduce a close-knit community as different sites are linked together.

The council plans to put in place infrastructures before people start to live in the village that can help the community such as health facilities, roads, and schools.

This makes it much different from the traditional ways of developers where they only build and fund other facilities after homes are completed.

The developer aims to create a lively, friendly, and unique community. Also, they plan on having neighbourhoods that are walkable and have vast green spaces to promote a healthier lifestyle among the residents.

In addition to that, they will also provide transportation within the village that is beneficial for elderly and disabled people. They can also access different infrastructures like meeting places, shops, and workspaces. Ultimately, it is a one-stop neighbourhood that is not limited to homes.

During the start of the project, developers will be building facilities that are necessary within the community — beginning with emergency and leisure, as well as schools and community centre.

The village is built on a landscaped setting that provides beautiful scenery and a place where people can start their new chapter of life with happiness and health in mind. It is led by the Government’s Garden Communities Programme that receives ample Government support for the betterment of the community.



  1. Has this article been written by a human or AI ?
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