James Freeman Calls for Creation of more Bus Lanes


The boss of Bristol’s biggest bus company has decried the need to create more bus lanes and the restriction of normal traffic if buses are needed to run on time. He implored the politicians in the city to “make politically tough decisions”.

Mr James freeman, the managing director of First West of England, has said that he solved the company’s recruitment crisis that prompted a huge rise in complaints since September, which the company has apologised for. He admitted that the buses are still in “disarray within minutes of the start of rush hour each morning, because of the congestion that brings the city to a standstill. He aired his views when 3 members of the House of Commons Transport Committee arrived in Bristol to hold a special session in the city on the buses. A 40 percent rise in bus passenger numbers in the past decade, coupled with an increase in congestion, has led to complaints from passengers of late buses, cancelled and overcrowded buses, particularly on key routes in the morning and evening rush hours.

Mr Freeman said drastic actions need to be taken to mitigate the problem which include an investment in more buses and more drivers to cope with demands, curtail normal traffic and give more preference to buses to get them through the congestion.



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