Investigation Furthers on the Brawl between Briston City and Swansea Supporters


Police officers from Briston Transport in coordination with the Avon and Somerset, South Wales officers said that an investigation is already underway with regard to “attempts at co-ordinated disorder and criminal damage before, during and after the match”. The commotion happened last Saturday, February 2, during the Football game between Bristol City and Swansea City. According to Chief Superintendent Paul Mogg “It is very disappointing that a large group of Swansea fans seem to have arrived in Bristol with the intention of drinking to excess and seeking confrontation.”.

A few minutes after the kickoff, Swansea fans flocked the stadium “and immediately removed the segregation nets on the east corner of the Atyeo Stand.”. Some Briston City fans were also guilty in the altercation of the nets. There was already an ongoing brawl as objects were being thrown by both parties during the game. The whole incident was recorded in a CCTV footage, and the force is already reviewing the recording.

As per the managing director of Ashton Gate, all persons that caused the disorder– be the home or away fans– will be banned in the future games.

Later on, police horses and dogs were also used to divide the two parties after further trouble flares up in Ashton Park.  Two stewards and a police officer needed medical attention after incurring minor injuries from the incident, and one police dog badly needed veterinary care after sustaining an injury to the leg from the incident. A few people were also said to have been bitten by the police dogs. Two pubs were also reportedly damaged after the incident. According to the officers, they will conduct a thorough investigation of the entire damages and the offenses committed.

Several arrests were also made including one arrest made to a Swansea supporter after he allegedly attacked a man from Wales but was later on released without any charges. At some point, police officers then accompanied the Swansea fans to the transport away from the city.


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