International Women’s Day: Gender Discrimination and Sexism in Truro, Cornwall

International Women’s Day: Gender Discrimination and Sexism in Truro, Cornwall
Lewis Clarke/Geograph

The 8th of March 2021 marked International Women’s Day that aimed to celebrate women’s achievements across the globe. It is also a day that allows women to share the various challenges they encounter in society such as sexism and gender-based violence.

In a recent poll, women in Truro and Cornwall at large expressed their opinion on whether women in Truro were still being discriminated against. Most of the participants had their view that men receive better treatment than women in Truro.

41% of women said that they have occasionally been in situations where there believe they could have received better treatment if they were men while 19% of them said they experienced it a few times.

About half (49%) of those who took part in the survey had the thought that women and girls do not get equal opportunities to be successful as men and boys. 24% of the participants said that they have never experienced situations related to sexism. On the other hand, 76% said they have experienced sexism with 19% of them saying it has happened to them very often.

The poll established that 36% of women have never experienced situations related to gender inequality. Also, according to the poll, 30% have experienced it at least once and not more than five times. The remaining 34% said they have experienced gender inequality many times in their life.

When asked about gender inequality in the place of work, 42% of the participants had the opinion that gender inequality still dominates the place while 47% do not think so.

This poll expresses concern about the challenges that women in Truro have been experiencing. Even as we celebrate the success of women in our society, there is still a need to address gender inequality, sexism, and the place of women in society.

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