Ice Rink: Celebrating Christmas In Liskeard

Photo by Shannon Hards /

Trago Mills in Liskeard is up for the holiday season! Brought together by the Winterfest 2019 and the Cornwall organization for trade and industry, the Winter Wonderland Event of the year will take place at Trago Mills from December 6 up until December 22.

This event is an annual fundraising and get-together event for the locals and tourists every Christmas season. This year, aside from the traditional Santa Grotto and funfair, the event will also launch an Ice Rink to the Public. It is said to be 100 ft. wide and 50 feet long.

Since this is the first Ice rink to be put up in Liskeard, it will be historic and people from nearby cities are expected to travel downtown and take a visit. The said Ice rink was a long-time planned project by the event organizers and it has only been built this year due to lack of funds and government support.

The event on Trago Mills will start at 9:00 in the morning, while the Ice rink attraction will be open from 3:00 in the afternoon until 10:45 in the evening.

The event organizers of Winterfest 2019 are looking forward to the increased number of visits this year and they also stated that if ever successful, the Ice rink attraction will be maintained and will be a permanent part of the annual winter wonderland.

The Cornwall Police have started securing Trago Mills since last week. They will be implementing new protocols strictly and civilians will have to undergo inspection as well before they can enter the funfair. They are also putting up police tents all over the place that will also serve as information and lost & found centers.

The aforementioned dates for the Winterfest event may still be extended until January 2020. For further details and queries, do follow the Winterfest 2019 official social media pages and accounts.



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