Hundreds of Bristol University Students in Self-Isolation after Coronavirus Outbreak

Hundreds of Bristol University Students in Self-Isolation after Coronavirus Outbreak

About 300 students and staff at the University of Bristol are in self-isolation following the coronavirus outbreak in their residence halls.

About forty students who reside in The Courtroom halls of residence tested positive for coronavirus last week. This created panic in the residence halls and the management directed all the students who were in contact with the infected students to self-isolate themselves.

The university management announced that they are closely monitoring the students in isolation to ensure they do not breach the health and safety regulations.

Students in the halls of residence were directed to remain in their flats all the time. They should only interact with those within their living circle only when it is necessary.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Purdy, said that a special team of university staff will be providing food to the students and organizing for laundry regularly.

Professor Purdy admitted that university students are in a stressful situation. However, she reassured them that they will get full support from the university.

According to her, most students have been avoiding large gatherings, but some have been breaking the rules. She requested the students to cooperate with the management to contain the pandemic in the university.

The university spokesperson said that the security officers had been deployed to break up large groups of students as a precautionary measure. He noted that the university had increased security to closely monitor the situation and deal with those who break the regulations.

However, some students said that they do not need police to monitor them because they are taking care of themselves. They have reduced interactions with other students until the situation improves.

Since the beginning of the term, the university has recorded 257 coronavirus cases among the students and staff.

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