Huge Layout Change In Gloucestershire To Disrupt Traffic


The Cross Keys Roundabout in Gloucestershire is due for a major development aimed at improving the road to decrease traffic. However, this development will also mean that commuters may face a lot of road disruptions while the construction is taking place.

The Cross Keys Roundabout is located on A38 north of the M5 motorway and is connected to Gloucester.  This development project was agreed upon by the Gloucestershire County Council stating that the roundabout is known for having extremely bad congestion of traffic in its peak hours. They believe that a new scheme is needed in order to reduce the congestion in that roundabout. The goal is to increase car capacity and decrease the queue time of riders on the road by widening the road so that more vehicles can fit. It is to benefit all public commuter options such as buses. It would also benefit cyclists and car owners.

The whole project will cost 2.7 million EUR. The funding came from Westminster solely for the project. Specifically, the project would fix the roundabout exit road by making it wider. There will also be a pedestrian pathway between A38 and Quedgeley West Business Park. This will be for both pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Aside from that, the entrance of the M% and Stonehouse roundabout will also be widened by one lane. Currently, it has only two lanes.

The project is scheduled to take place sometime in the Spring of 2019 and will be finished in Autumn 2019. As of current, no exact dates have been given as to the official start and end of the project.

The construction is reported to take place during the off peak hours from 9:30am to 3:30 pm every Monday to Friday and during evenings to late night. This is to help reduce as much disruption to the cars as possible.

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