How to Optimise Your Workstation


The average worker in the UK spends between 6 to 9 hours sitting at their desk every single day. This means that you are likely spending as much time sitting at your desk as you are sleeping. Your workstation, therefore, is a hugely important setup. Optimising your workstation can have several benefits for both your physical and mental health and your productivity rates. This guide offers some suggestions of the best ways to optimise your workstation.


1. Upgrade Your Laptop


The quality of the computer on which you are working has a big impact on your productivity rates. If your laptop is old or outdated, then you could be spending hours every month just waiting for your computer to load. Upgrading your laptop can help you to work more efficiently. It can also help you feel happier and more productive as you have to spend less time becoming frustrated as you sit and wait for your computer to load.


2. Increase Natural Light


Studies have found that access to natural light can have a big impact on a working environment. More specifically, workers who have access to a lot of natural light at their workstations report feeling more productive, happier, and healthier. To optimise your workstation, you should try and increase the amount of natural light available. Ideally, you to set up a workstation natural light is coming from the side, rather than straight in front or behind your workstation. This will mean that you have less glare on your computer screen and less strain on your eyes.


3. Add a Room Scent


Studies have found that there is a connection between certain scents and memories. The effects scents have on how you feel and how productively you work differs slightly from person to person. This is because specific sense might trigger specific memories. You should consider adding a room sent or air freshener to your workstation to help you feel more positive and more productive. You could even try adding flowers to your workstation to improve the scent and look of your immediate environment.


4. Find the Right Office Chair


When you are optimising your workstation, you need to consider the type of chair that you are using. Research has found that your posture can impact how effectively you work. If your chair is the wrong height, or the wrong size, over time, it can cause damage as you have to strain your body. When you are looking for an office chair, you should look for a model that allows you to sit in an upright position with a relaxed posture. Your eye should be straight to your computer screen, and you should not have to bend your neck to see your computer screen. Your hands, wrists, and arms should all be in line with each other and perpendicular to the floor.


5. Add Your Own Accessories


Optimising your workstation means making it a happier and healthier environment for you. To ensure that you feel happy and comfortable in your workstation you should look to add accessories that spark joy. This might be a picture of a loved one, a small plant, or even simply changing the screensaver on your laptop.

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