Homelessness in Truro City Has Massively Reduced after the Installation of Pod Cabins

Homelessness in Truro City Has Massively Reduced after the Installation of Pod Cabins

Truro police announced that the number of homeless people in the city has massively reduced over the last month. This reduction has contributed to the reduction in street drinking problems in the city.

Homeless pods were set up in Truro a few weeks ago to address the issue of homelessness. These housing units came as fully self-contained units with cooking facilities and showers.

They were strategically located a few metres from the busy shopping centre in the city. The city centre was initially full of rough sleepers, but the number has reduced drastically.

The project was initiated and financed by Cornwall Council. This was one of the projects listed in the council’s Covid-19 emergency response plan that was aimed at helping the street families.

The council partnered with Cornwall Housing Ltd in the design and implementation of the project. Their mission was to ensure that everybody who was sleeping rough across Cornwall was offered better accommodation.

The pods were adopted as a temporary solution until a better and permanent solution is found. Therefore, the pods will remain at the site until the end of the year.

The mayor of Truro, Bert Biscoe, noted that people were skeptical about the project at first. However, it has turned out successful, and the outcome is fantastic.

Mr. Biscoe added that they have managed to house the homeless people and are currently on therapies. He noted that the beneficiaries are starting to take their lives seriously, and they are now turning their lives around.

The police thanked the council for providing a temporary solution to the rough sleepers in the city. They added that cases of irresponsible street drinking have decreased as many people are now spending their time in the pods.

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