HMV at Cribbs Causeway Could Close

HMV at Cribbs Causeway Could Close
Hugh Venables/ Wikipedia Commons

HMV store located in Cribs Causeway seems like it will close down for the second time in a span of one year.

The retail shop encountered a difficult time in 2019 and announced it on their social media pages. The retail group store has only operated for eight months since their comeback and it looks like the store will close down again because its 10 stores are subject to negations.

Shoppers also claim that they have encountered signs advertising what looks like a closing down sale at the store.

Fans demonstrated their disappointment by talking of how they enjoy Bristol HMV meet and greet.

Stoke Sentinel reported that by the end of this month about three stores will have closed down and the building will be rented by new tenants who are already waiting.

Bristol Live sought for confirmation of these stories from HMV stores built had not received any reply by the time of writing.

The various stores which are being discussed upon closure include Worcester, Grimsby Merry Hill, Birmingham Bullring, Leeds Head Row, Reading, Bristol Cribs, Glasgow Braehead, Edinburgh Ocean Terminal, and Sheffield Meadow Hall.

Talking to Spoke Sentinel, an HMV spokesman noted that about 10 stores were having negations with their landlords and they were hoping to have new deals.

HMV spokesperson further noted that, in case of closure, it won’t affect their superb staff. They will just relocate the business and the staff to other places. Thus, none of their staff will lose their jobs.

HMV began its first store in 1921 when the composer, Sir Edwards Elgar, celebrated their arrival.

After a difficult time, the administration of HMV closed down in 2018 for the second time in a period of six years wherein about 2300 jobs were put at risk.

The company had closed down in 2013 but was bought by Hilco UK who rescued them.


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